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What is the best Mineral Foundation?

I want one that will give me a lovely healthy glow and decent coverage?What is the best Mineral Foundation?
I love kms mineral essentials. I have used many other brands including bare minerals. Kms wears longer through the day for me and my skin looks absolutely amazing. I get great coverage with it as wellWhat is the best Mineral Foundation?
I would have to say Bare Minerals. I get a great coverage and it makes my skin look flawless. I have normally oily skin and whenever i apply Bare Minerals, my skin doesnt get oily or greasy, its really cool actually. i have tried alot of foundations and found Bare Minerals to be the bestttt!
BareMinerals or Glo Minerals. Glo minerals is a bit more pricy and harder to find.. but the way its milled and processed makes it more pure and bare minerals. they're both REALLY good at coverage and glow
try maybelline h20 its 50% water so its not oily, it will make your skin look whatever colour you choose also.

What is the best type of mineral powder foundation? ?

I want a mineral foundation that covers well and doesn't look caked on and one that lasts all day. I was thinking about getting the bareMinerals but it is kinda pricey. I figure there is a brand out there that is just as good but a little bit cheaper that I haven't heard of. Help please =DWhat is the best type of mineral powder foundation? ?
Being a professional makeup artist and having tried so many brands and mediums of makeup I can help you narrow this down and make your own choice. Here is a list based off my experience and expertice..........

1) No to Drugstore brands (loreal, maybelline, revlon, neutrogena etc.)........They are loaded with chemicals (including bismuth oxychloride- which is not a mineral but a metal that has been processed with tin and copper, it is well known to cause itching, rash and acne) that can aggravate your skin and break you out. Due to these unneeded chemicals and fillers they also leave your skin looking powdery, cakey, strange and dull and with time will make for an overall unhealthy complexion

2) No to bare escentuals..........this is one company who has waaaay to much hype, most of the time it's from people who have never used anything else so they haven't tried anything better. Bare escentuals uses Bismuth oxychloride which is bad for your skin. (as stated above.) they are also not truthful as they say no preservatives yet they use chemical parabeans in their mineral veil and other formulas. They also use cheap fillers like cornstarch and that is the main ingredient in their mineral veil. Their makeup wears off by midday and looks very greasy and shiny.

There are many great mineral companies out there that do not use bismuth oxychloride, I have chosen the one I use after much research looking for purity, absence of chemicals and preservatives, adhesion(how long it stays on) and overall finish (how it looks on)

I use Faerie Organic Minerals a company based near chicago, I really can't say enough good about it. Heres a few reasons I choose them above others....

1)They are natural, no preservatives, no chemicals, cheap fillers or binders

2)they are good for your skin, they help exsiting skin conditions like acne, roseaca, sensitive skin due to the zinc oxide and boron nitride

3) the ingredients they use are listed on the safety cosmetic database and rate as very safe for your skin and health

4)their minerals are lightweight, airy, natural looking, blend easily, cover redness, acne etc very well and best of all last all day and leave a dewy glow (most companies lack somewhere in this list)

5)They are more affordable than most mineral brands

6)you can get a free sample kit to try first. It comes with 2 foundations, sheer veil (oil absorber) and bronzer

I am sure I am forgetting some additional pluses but you probably getthe idea. This was my choice based on my experience and expectations. I do recommend getting the free sample kit though.


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skin care specialistWhat is the best type of mineral powder foundation? ?
Please go to鈥?/a>

They have the best all natural mineral foundation ever. They have no fillers that will irritate your skin, and it looks so soft and cover really good.

I also use products too.

these products are very affective in covering and have no fillers or other harmful chemicals Like BE have. And very reasonable prices, if I had to choose as far as foundation, i would go with the first link i provided, and eyeshadows, i go to the second link! hope this helps.
Bare Minerals and I have tried them all. I would like to build a shrine to the people who make this stuff. Go to Ulta,, and of course their own site.

Physicians Formula you can get in regular stores like Walmart and Target and is my choice for the less expensive brand.

I truly thing mineral make up is the best beauty product invented since hair products. And picture a world with no hair products! LOL
I use a powder mineral foundation by Avon. I find I have to reapply it one or twice a day (maybe it's because I'm really self conscious) but it works really well. :)

What is the best mineral foundation out there?

ARTISTRY Essentials.

I've used Sheer Cover, Bare Minerals and now i use artistry. Bare minerals was okay, nothing really bad about it but after a while it broke me out so i switched and i loveee artistry. It's great coverage and so natural. It's also ranked top 5 prestige cosmetics of the world. And not found in stores, so if you're interested please do email me and i'll tell you where i get mine (:What is the best mineral foundation out there?
Try It is really good!

Do you think the Maybelline Bare Mineral Foundation is any good?

i was thinking of buying it so what is ur opinionDo you think the Maybelline Bare Mineral Foundation is any good?
I think you should go with L'Oreal Bare Naturale. The Maybelline liquid one doesn't cover up and is very sheer. The powder is loose and doesn't stick. You should try L'Oreal Bare Naturale. They have concealers and glows along with shadows and finishers to go with their foundation. It might be two or three dollars pricier, but it also lasts a heck of a lot longer than the Maybelline. It's not thick in consistancy either.Do you think the Maybelline Bare Mineral Foundation is any good?
I hate it. It is REALLY thick. It puts a layer over your skin really bad. I do however LOVE the Physicians Formula kind. Walmart has it and it is a way better product.

I actually loved it so much I did a little research on it and found out that this brand is one of the oldest and trusted brands in make up. ORIGINAL :)

Best of Luck to ya
I use it and love it
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  • Is mineral liquid or mineral powder foundation better for oily skin?

    Is mineral liquid or mineral powder foundation better for oily skin? If mineral powder foundation is used, is using an additional powder to set make-up necessary? Are there any low- to mid-price brands you would recommend?Is mineral liquid or mineral powder foundation better for oily skin?
    Mineral is better because it absorbs oil and won`t clog pores. No, you do not need an additional powder. Physicians Formula Talc-Free loose powder is great for oily skin. Almay loose skin is also, but it gives more coverage. They are about $10-$11 each and go on sale often.Is mineral liquid or mineral powder foundation better for oily skin?
    The less coverage you use, the better. After I began applying Vaseline to my T-zone at night before going to bed and ditching the daily liquid foundation, my skin has improved in tone and health SO much and doesn't produce nearly as much oil. I've never used mineral foundation/powder, but have found that after only a few weeks of using the Vaseline routine, my skin calmed down a lot and now only requires a layer of compact powder (I use CoverGirl TRUblend) and a few dabs of concealer. And you will feel so much better when you don't have all the weight of a liquid foundation on your skin.
    Mineral powder doesn't cover that good at all...well at least for me. i have oily %26amp; acne prone skin. and when i tried it, it irritated my skin %26amp; made it itch...and plus it didn't even cover my acne or anything. it was like wearing bronzer but in your color. it was terrible. i love MAC's studio fix powder foundation. i's great coverage %26amp; its buildable %26amp; it helps with my oily skin %26amp; it covers my acne. it doesn't make me break out that i've noticed...well since i do always have acne lol. maybe you should try it %26amp; see if u like it. or maybe try another powder foundation if your not comfortable with wearing MAC's. hope i helped =)
    i think powder would be better because it won't slide off as easily as liquid when you sweat.

    also i heard that it absorbs the oil on your face.

    i don't think you have to use separate setting powder. not sure. but for liquid you should because it can melt off your face.

    physicians formula is good because it won't clog your pores %26amp; there's one that's talc free.
    i would use mineral powder, but if ur skin is really oily, you migt want to use mineral liquid then put on mineral powder....its just that if your skin is really oily, it might wash away the powder, but at the same time if you put mineral liquid by itself it might look too oily i wud say put the liquid then the powder on...

    hope i helped!! :)

    Does mineral makeup foundation go out of date?

    I've had this mineral makeup now since December 2008, it's now July. I was wondering if it goes out of date? I've never used a mineral foundation before. But was thinking maybe it might not be good for you after a certain amount of months? Can someone explain a bit about this please?Does mineral makeup foundation go out of date?
    all make up has an expiry date on it somewhere usually there's a wee picture of a pot on the label with a number next to it and the number is the number of months you should use it for before you should stop using it!Does mineral makeup foundation go out of date?
    all beauty products has an expiry date on it. It has a number on the label as a guide as to how long you have with that particular product.
    dont use after expiry date over
    Yeah it goes off - you shud get rid soon. 6-12 months

    Can you use the same powder brush you use for setting powder to the mineral powder foundation?

    just wondering =)

    or do u have to buy another brush for the mineral powder foundation?Can you use the same powder brush you use for setting powder to the mineral powder foundation?
    If you are applying mineral foundation, you use to get a free kabuki baby brush or kabuki brush to say so.Can you use the same powder brush you use for setting powder to the mineral powder foundation?
    Sweet heart, you can use any brush for whatever you want! Whatever you are comfortable with, go for it! I like having different makeup brushes just for the satisfaction, but do I really use all of them at once? not really because I get lazy trying to find them, and blah! I like using the black bush with the white bristles as well ( i have no idea what its called. its this one鈥?/a> ) for everything from liquid foundation, to mineral loose foundation, to blush and to setting powder. Its just my own preference =-)
    well for the foundation you use a kubuki brush.....the bristles are shorter and closer together so the foundation applies on better...then the powder brush applies the light can buy some cheap brushes at walmart...i think they r revlon brand...they wont pretty good for me
    Absolutely, since the foundation and the setting powder are both for all over the face.
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